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Not all clients requirements are the same and equally not all mortgages are the same, as such we consider that it would be unfair to price simple cases the same as more complex cases. For example, a case with complex income or a case with adverse credit or even a Portfolio Buy to Let Landlord will require more work than a simple product transfer. Therefore, to ensure that we treat all our clients fairly and equally our fees are based on the work involved in each case type.

With over 30 years experience in the mortgage market, we strive to get the very best deal for all our clients and aim to get cases approved quickly and first time. However, it is not a perfect world and occasionally something will pop out of the woodwork that causes issues. In such circumstances we will keep you updated as to exactly where we are and whenever possible will give you an approximate time scale. You can though, rest assured that your fee will not be invoiced until such time as we have obtained an ACCEPTED Agreement in Principle and that your full application has been submitted and accepted by the lender.


Purchase Application - £495 

(Residential & Buy to Let not Ltd Co.)

New Client Remortgage Application - £495

(Residential & Buy to Let not Ltd Co.)

Existing Client Remortgage Application - £295 

(Residential & Buy to Let not Ltd Co.) 

Product Transfer - £195 

(securing a new rate with your current lender)

Equity Release - £995

Retirement Interest Only - £795


Where cases fall into this category we reserve the right to either charge a premium of up to £200 on our standard purchase application fee or if appropriate to reduce the fee to our standard remortgage application fee.

  • Adverse Credit 

  • Complex Buy to Let (Ltd Company, Portfolio)

  • Further Advance Applications

  • Small Loans (less than £60,000)

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If you have any questions or would like to chat to us, please get in contact either by our contact page or call 01206 252025.

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