So, What is Trace and Access?

Now we are nearing the coldest time of the year Annette, our Buildings and Contents specialist has put a few thoughts together.

Not having Trace & Access cover on your Home Insurance policy can cost you thousands of pounds if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a leaking pipe in or under your property. Earlier this year the Fairer Finance Report* found that nearly 1 in 5 Home Insurance policies sold by comparison sites don’t have Trace and Access cover!

Trace and Access cover is for repairing the damage caused by finding and fixing the source of a leak. Worryingly, the Fairer Finance Report showed that over a third of consumers, 35%, didn’t know whether they would be covered for this situation.

It is about now that I usually hear the comment “So what?”

Imagine that you are a homeowner who is unaware of just what Trace and Access cover is. You phone your insurer to make a claim for a pipe that is leaking beneath your property…only to find that the policy you bought from a comparison site on line does not cover you for Trace and Access.

Imagine the upheaval and disruption if your kitchen had to be dug up to access a leaking pipe. Your kitchen could be out of operation for several days, re-instatement costs would be down to you, your only claim would be if there was actually some water damage. Everything else would be down to you!

I can cite from personal experience following a leak in my Mother in Laws bathroom. The leak only became apparent when the bathroom floor started to rot in her Bungalow. We informed the insurers who immediately authorised builders to Access the sub floor and Trace the leak. They arranged for a temporary Bathroom to be put on site whilst the repairs were being carried out. All costs to my mother in law were covered with the exception of her chosen excess of £500.

Price comparison web sites are great if you genuinely know what you are looking for in a Buildings and Contents policy and lowest cost does not necessarily mean it is the best. Imagine paying every month for insurance that did not pay out when you had to make a valid claim because you hadn’t made sure all areas were covered…you probably would not be too impressed!

As professional brokers we only advise on Buildings and Contents policies that meet DeFaqto 5 star ratings and always recommend that Trace and Access cover is included in a policy.

Remember cheapest is not always best!

Phone 01206 250025 and ask Annette to review your Buildings and Contents policy today.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.


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