How we do it!

Our whole ethos is based around finding and recommending the very best  mortgage or remortgage deal presently in the market, not only to suit your current financial needs, but also taking into account any known lifestyle changes that could affect your circumstances in the foreseeable future. As a practice, we are committed to offering the highest possible standards of service to each and every one of our clients and diligently support the Financial Conduct Authority initiative "Treating Customers Fairly".

Our commitment to you is:

  • Provide you with clear, concise information about the products and services we offer, including fees and charges you may incur.

  • Ascertain your individual needs and preferences together with your known and expected circumstances prior to recommending a mortgage.

  • We will ONLY recommend a mortgage that we consider suitable for you and that we can evidence you can afford on a sustainable basis - and always the most suited from all options available based on your personal circumstances.

  • If we cannot find a mortgage we consider suitable for your circumstances as you have outlined and evidenced to us, we will advise you accordingly. If it is not right for you, we will NEVER recommend!

  • We will always encourage you to ask questions. This is a complex procedure and we do not expect you to know all of the answers...if you don't understand something please ask!

Ongoing contact and service

Mortgages tend to be long term contracts and as such, we feel that ongoing help, support and advice is essential for all of our clients. There is a need for strategic planning taking in short, medium and long term aims.

Rather than simply giving you mortgage advice and assisting you in making your informed decision at day one our aim is to provide you with long term advice and service. To help achieve this we offer:

  • Regular rate review meetings

  • Careful planning of rates, terms and repayment methods

  • Smooth processing

  • Professional support at all stages of the process